• Jul 31, 20
  • Albrafting

Are you bored with the same things on and on? Noises, traffic and the heat have tired you too much?

Do you think in Saranda theres nothing to do besides going to the beach? ARG presents you some of the activities we do in Saranda or in the surroundings nearby:

Does it get any better than  combining the beach with activities, experiencing pure adrenaline and spiritual stillness. Enjoy the sun, the sand stones and everything else in another form.

1-Kayaking in the river of Bistrica with an exit to the shore of Saranda would be perfect! Enjoy some Albanian jungle while paddling. Everything that worries you, you are going to leave behind and get what you have missed. (https://www.albrafting.org/tour/kayaking-bistrica-river-and-ionian-seasaranda)

2-Combining history and adventure for us is quite easy ! Enjoy Kayaking in Butrint and you are going to touch Albanian history wich has survived for centuries. The amphitheater of Butrint, known till antiquity is going to amaze you with its architecture. While you are paddling and still thinking of those wonders of architecture, before you is going to appear the castle of ali pash tepelenes. You are going to be witnesses of a miracle up sea. (https://www.albrafting.org/tour/kayaking-unesco-site-butrint-ali-pashas-castle)

3-Hike, Kayak and Stand up Paddle in Kakome is the combination of different activities together creating an unique and unforgettable experience. Kakome bay  with the combination of the colors: the white of the sand, the blue of the sea and the green of the plants makes it seem like a true paradise. Hiking to the monastery os Saint Mary, built sine 1695 will make you feel and get immersed in the story of that place. Stand up Paddle in the crystal waters of this bay will accomplish your day leaving you many beautiful memories from that place. .( https://www.albrafting.org/tour/hikekayak-and-stand-paddle-kakome-bay)

4-Do you want more adventure, more adrenaline ? Then give a taste of Rafting on Vjosa River , The Blue Heart of Europe.  With his severity and potential , the river will challenge you. Hydro speed is our surprise for you. It the newest sport that will make you feel like dolphins and understand that you want only one thing , to dominate that place and to defeat that river. In the end of day you will be the winner. Your adventure is only 1,5 hours away from Saranda. (https://www.albrafting.org/tour/rafting-wild-vjosa-river-permet)

5-Hike , Kayak and Snorkeling on Krorez Bay  is added to our list. Hike , natural beauty, virgin nature and sirens magic are possessing this place. Snorkeling on the crystal water while seeing under the sea and wondering what is happening down there will be a fantastic experience. Join us on our adventures. Make memories. (https://www.albrafting.org/tour/hikingkayak-snorkeling-krorez-bay-day-tour https://www.albrafting.org/