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The first ideas for the development of rafting in Albania were born in 1985, when Zamo Spathara, now president of the Albania Rafting Federation, went to Hambull, a village in Skrapar, on the banks of the Osum River. He started the adventure with truck wheels, exploring the Osumi Canyons for the first time. There, he realized that the wonderful landscape of the canyons shouldn’t just be with him. Other visitors deserve to know all this incredible scenario.

From Zamo’s dream, we were fortunate to be followed by the actions of hundreds of faithful young people - a group of outdoor enthusiasts who are part of our great and wonderful team.

This all means that the Albania Rafting Group is the first tourism and sport organization in Albania, founder of Albanian Rafting Federation and a member with full rights in the International Rafting Federation.

With our tireless team, the group is also the founder and organizer of activities such as We Love the River, Berat Festival, Rafting Day, World Earth Day, International Day of Protection of Rivers, Rafting Festival, National Rafting Championship, Earth Day and other conferences related to the development of sustainable tourism and rafting sport.

Today the team is led by Zamo Spathara, Alma Spathara and an incredibly talented and passionate team.

In addition, we also have great and important partners on our journey:

Are you interested in joining our group?

Join us on this mission and discover the best of Albania with our adventure tours across the country.

And if you have interesting ideas to working with us as a partner, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are always open to new challenges and we will be happy to hear your thoughts!



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