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I'm Alma Spathara, I was born in Berat where I finished high school and then graduated in Economics with a degree in Finance from the University of Tirana. I am married and  mother of three children.As a child I loved food nature,sports and people.

Meeting Zamo, my husband now, who loved nature and had more knowledge in field of tourism  strengthened my passion for food  and tourism.

The love for Berat made us not to leave Albania but to invest in our hometown. I think that the development of tourism is the only way to develop the economy of our country by bringing employment to young people by stopping their emigration for a better life.

Now together with him I manage Castle Park hotel restaurant and the first outdoor association in Albania Albania Rafting Group.I am also the president of Slow Food in Berat.

Zamo Spathara the president of Albanian Rafting Federation and cofounder of Albania Rafting Group and Albanian Adventure Resort is our big support and the main man for the whole adventures in Albania.

"Castle Park" started to be built in 1999 at the most beautiful moment of my life, the beginning of love with my husband

It is said that in this fabulous place our national hero Skanderbeg gave his first kiss to his wife Donika,therefore we built  the castle of youth and love in this  place.

Here is everything magical, as every detail is realized with passion and courage but above all it is created to forgive unforgettable moments taking up little space of whoever meets it, to return faithfully again .

Full of charm Castle Park is located 1,5 km from the center of the city,between a forest full of secrecy and virgin nature overlooking the giant Tomorri holy mountain and Berat with a history of 2400 years.

Since I was little, I liked food a lot. I grew up with two grandmothers who cooked excellently.From them I inherited traditional flavors and recipes

Our restaurant boasts the best traditional recipes made from hand picked local organic food. Freshness and pure natural food is also the key ingredient of our tasty recipes.

Our goal is to bring back ancient recipes to extinction while preserving food heritage.

There is a beautiful Albanian word saying: "If you go to Albania and do not see Berat, you have not seen anything”Because  in all of Albania, Berat is one of her most special cities. Berat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the few sites in the world that includes an entire city.  The history, architecture, traditions and culture, iconography and frescoes combined with the natural beauty of mountains and the River Osum makes Berat one of the most unique destinations in all of the Balkans. The historical white houses with many windows have given Berat the nicknames of "White City" 

Berat has a blessed, fertile land and many hardworking farmers.

The secret of the wonderful taste of our dishes comes from the ingredients that we buy from farmers in the deepest areas of Berat. The main ingredient is Olive Oil which is the symbol of our city. Meals at Castle Park always start with the fresh , hot homemade bread together with White goat Butter, area cheeses and olives .

The second dish is always traditional dishes. Japrak is one of the most popular one. We fill the grape leaves with rice and fresh spices. Stuffed peppers, various pies, stuffed eggplants and stuffed zucchini,are all fantastic. Beans on casserole with dried goat meat, fergese which is with peppers, cheese, tomatoes and livers al forno , Pispilit with 7 types of wild cabbage is as well delicious. The most popular main dishes are turkey with pershesh (traditional  bread on small pieces ,herbs and the turkey juice, with lemon juice,), oven-roasted lamb with 7 types of spices and potatoes and s Berat steak. The most requested sweets are gems with wild fig, katmarr and qumeshtor- home made pie with cherry jam. Berat is also famous for its autochthonous vineyards.

Wine  and brany are of a very high quality.

Albanian cuisine is full of original recipes but also you can feel the influence of the cultures and cuisine of the invaders over the years. And here we can mention the impact that the Ottoman conquest had the most but also Roman cuisine is easily felt in our food and recipes. Also, the great variety of spices is a very clear indicator of the strategic positioning on the map of Albania. Most spice traders in the Middle Ages and earlier passed through Albania as it was one of the connecting bridges from Azia to Europe. However, the recipes of Albanian cuisine remain unique as they are integrated and adapted in the best possible way, making those recipes unique.

I think that the development of tourism is the only way to develop the economy of our country by bringing employment to young people by stopping their emigration for a better life.

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