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The Albania Rafting Group is the best choice if you are looking for Albania Tours, as the most experienced adventure tour operator in the country.

With us, you can explore active and wild activities such as rafting, canyoning, river hiking, kayaking, off road tours, hydro speed, SUP, snowshoeing, caravan mule, cave exploration and a complete tour to discover untouched beaches, all followed by the best traditional Albania food.

Join us to explore Albania adventure tours in a truly experience and discover the hidden treasures of this wonderful country!


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Why Us?

Here is why we’re awarded the Travelers’ Choice by Tripadvisor



Our guides are trained by the Albanian Rafting Federation and certified by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment. They are prepared to give you one of the most exciting tours full of fun and adrenaline but also safe.


We hve been contributing in generating revenue for local tourism, while maintaining the authentic values of the area, creating new jobs activities through vocational training of young people.


Albania Rafting Group is ranked by National Geographic as supportive of the principles of geo - tourism through international initiative " Western Balkans - Land of discovery ".


Instead of a basic tour, we offer you a Full Albania Experience, staying in the best hotels in Albania, tasting the delicious local organic food, visiting local communities and enjoying fantastic adventure activities.

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05/12/2024 - 15:10

Discovering Europe's Last Wild River: A Journey with Albania Rafting Group We are thrilled to announce that National Geographic Traveler recently featured an extraordinary journey down the majestic...

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Dr. Jack Wheeler, called the Real Life Indiana Jones by the Wall Street Journal after visiting every country in the world, has recently visited Albania with friends and family from the United States...

Forbes rates Albania in the top 5 destination in Europe without the crowds

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Last week, Forbes magazine published an article crowning Albania and rafting in the wild Vjosa River as one of the top 5 things to do in Europe without the crowds.  The article, written by Everett...

Albania Rafting Group and Hotel Castle Park at the Fair for Young People

04/23/2024 - 14:27

Last Friday, Albanian Rafting Group and Hotel Castle Park attended the Fair for Young People hosted at the Qendra Multifunctional Space in Berat. The aim of the day was to encourage the youth of...

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama posts about Berat

04/19/2024 - 23:23

Prime Minister Edi Rama has taken to social media, portraying Albania as "The New Princess of the East".  The Prime Minister took to Facebook earlier this week to write about a promotion in a French...

Diving into Albania: From culinary traditions to adventure

04/18/2024 - 15:35

A travel-loving family from Romania recently visited us at Hotel Castle Park in Berat, and also joined us in the Osumi Canyons for a unique rafting adventure! Together, the family uncovered the local...

Must try Albanian desserts at Castle Park Hotel in Berat

04/15/2024 - 22:38

Albania is known for its hospitality and incredible food, with the fertile lands of Berat producing some of the best ingredients in the country. Read below for the top five Albanian desserts that you...

Five reasons to make Berat your next holiday destination

04/11/2024 - 00:32

Nestled in the heart of Albania in Southeastern Europe, Berat is often referred to as the hidden gem of the country. But with its white Ottoman houses, hilltop castle, delicious food and hospitable...

Alma Sparthara, President of Slow Food Berat, brings a taste of Albania to Belgium!

04/08/2024 - 19:58

Almost three years ago, a woman named Ellen Cras visited Hotel Castle Park in Berat to enjoy the canyons, walking tours of Berat and Tomor, and rafting in the Vjosa. As it turns out, Ellen was a...


The Albania Rafting is the best choice if you are looking for Albania Tours, Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, River Hiking, Off Road Tours, SUP, Snowshoeing, Snorkeling and many other adventure activities in Albania.

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