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Albania Rafting Group
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Albania Rafting Group has a consolidated image in Albania both for the culture of the organization and in terms of its visual identity. ARG is the promoter of alternative domestic tourism with social responsibility. Under the slogan "Sail to the Adrenaline" the organization conveys energy and youthful spirit during its tourist - entertainment activities.

Target audience of Albania Rafting Group consists of young people aged 24-40, introduced to the profession, as well as enthusiasts of outdoor activities aged 40-65 years.

Since 2013, ARG has started cooperation with high schools and 9-year schools to organize rafting excursions in light itineraries, in order to educate them to practice activities that emphasize group spirit and help orient young people towards a quality and healthy life.

ARG audience profile

The above age group member has a high and middle profile job and university and postgraduate education. Also children and students are actively involved in rafting activities. Geographically, ARG's audience is heterogeneous, concentrated mainly in Tirana, other major cities, in Kosovo. It also consists of foreign or foreign tourists with temporary or permanent residence in Albania.

Service concept

The user of rafting packages benefits: the special experience of this sport, the attractive and unique landscape of the canyons of Osum, Skrapar or Vjosa valley, Permet and other river itineraries; the adrenaline that this sport gives during the trip and the unforgettable memories he spends in the company of friends or loved ones. A tourist of Albania Rafting Group never comes alone on this trip. Groups interested in rafting consist of a minimum of 2 people (couples) up to groups of 45 members, because this experience can not be fully enjoyed without sharing with others.

Communication channels

Given that rafting is a social sport-tourism activity, especially in recent years, various social media campaigns have been very effective. ARG is very active on its Facebook page which today has almost 38,000 followers, mainly from Albania and Kosovo. The peculiarity of the organization's communication on social media is that almost every post becomes visible relatively quickly, especially when photos of recent activities are posted on the site. Tourists immediately tag their friends and the site generates considerable interactions. ARG, through rafting itineraries, is listed on international websites that promote tourism in Albania (eg National Geographic, Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet Southeast Europe). Also other channels used by the organization are brochures and various published materials, outdoor signage and materials, branded cars, website.


As a result of efficient communication, rafting nature and the noble mission of the organization, it has attracted a lot of media attention. Thus, ARG has been present in various shows, in the most prestigious panels in Albania as well as in special news or special reports for this activity. ARG currently has media agreements with the media. Publicity has helped a lot in achieving the objectives of ARG by enabling an impartial and reliable communication.


Albania Rafting Group is a regular organizer of various events which aimed to promote the values ​​of the organization. In the events of Albania Rafting Group are present the interest groups related to the areas where the activity of the organization has an impact as well as the general public which is informed and made aware of various issues through comprehensive activities. ARG events aimed to promote sustainable and responsible tourism by promoting local potential for eco-tourism development.
Albania Rafting Group is the founder and organizer of the activities "Berat Festival", "Rafting Day", "I love the Earth", "International River Protection Day", "National Rafting Festival" and many tables, conferences, trainings in regarding the sustainable development of tourism and rafting sport.
Albania Rafting Group is a participant in national, regional and world fairs in the field of tourism.


Albania Rafting Group is ranked by National Geographic as supportive of the principles of geo - tourism through international initiative " Western Balkans - Land of discovery ".


Albania Rafting Group has participated in the national team , " Albanian Eagle " in the World Rafting Championship in the Czech Republic , during 23 to 28 August 2012 by introducing Albania in the streams of a new passion .


ARG has been contributing in generating revenue for local tourism, while maintaining the authentic values of the area, creating new jobs activities through vocational training of young people.


Albania Rafting Group ( ARG ) is the first tourism and sport organization in Albania , founder of Albanian Rafting Federation , member with full rights in the International Rafting Federation.

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