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Albania Rafting Group is always intensively active in promoting sustainable and responsible tourism, encouraging local potential for the development of ecotourism.

Acting with social responsibility under the slogan "Sail to the Adrenaline", the organization transmits energy and youthful spirit during its adventure and entertainment activities.

As a result, our actions aim to develop sustainable outdoor tourism in Albania, generating revenue for local communities and maintaining the authentic values of our country.

Read below some of the achievements that Albania Rafting Group proudly shows about its concern for sustainable tourism in Albania:

  • With our great team, we have developed several events and activities, such as We Love the River, World Earth Day, International Day of Protection of Rivers, Earth Day and other conferences related to the development of sustainable tourism and rafting.
  • We have successfully fought to prevent the construction of a hydroelectric power in the river’s canyons, which would cause irreparable damage to local rivers, gaining government support by taking the Prime Minister Edi Rama on a rafting trip.
  • We were honored with the Albanian Tourism / Ecology Award in 2012 by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports.
  • We were classified by National Geographic as supporters of the principles of geo-tourism through the international initiative "Western Balkans - Land of discovery".
  • We were selected with a “Success Story" by USAID, for sustainable product rafting in Albania.

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Our guides are trained by the Albanian Rafting Federation and certified by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment. They are prepared to give you one of the most exciting tours full of fun and adrenaline but also safe.


We hve been contributing in generating revenue for local tourism, while maintaining the authentic values of the area, creating new jobs activities through vocational training of young people.


Albania Rafting Group is ranked by National Geographic as supportive of the principles of geo - tourism through international initiative " Western Balkans - Land of discovery ".


Instead of a basic tour, we offer you a Full Albania Experience, staying in the best hotels in Albania, tasting the delicious local organic food, visiting local communities and enjoying fantastic adventure activities.


The Albania Rafting is the best choice if you are looking for Albania Tours, Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, River Hiking, Off Road Tours, SUP, Snowshoeing, Snorkeling and many other adventure activities in Albania.

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