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From the beginning of our organization till now our priority has been the same.
Offering people the best experience they can ask for, and years passing by have confirmed us this can be reached only by a dedicated group of people. Every member of our team considers his job as a duty, but prior to this they get trained by the Albania Rafting Federation which is the only certificated group of trainers from the ministry of tourism and environment.
The mentality is crucial. First of all, every tourist is considered as a guest, to the whom we are obliged to serve as a good house owner would do. The Albanian hospitality goes way back and still remains as one of our most important tradition. The passion trainers put to training new recruits is also crucial, as they learn to be your friend first of all, someone you can ask questions and get the attention you deserve.
This is what keeps us strong while years pass by, learning from our mistakes. We want that at the end of the day you go back with a memory you can cherish, and testimony to all your friends and family the treatment you have got from us.

We're situated in the heart of Tirana, the vibrant growing capital of Albania, with a passionate and ridiculously talented team found throughout Albania.

When we're not at our laptops, it's probably because we are up a mountain or running a river.



Core Team

Zamo Spathara
Alma Spathara
Customer Success
Florjan Binaj
Honorary member and promoter
Eugent Tabaku
Ortion Vzhari
Guide Rafting
Arben Radshi (Beni)
Endri Hoxha
Rafting Guide
Ali Spathara
Rafting Guide
Geri Spathara
Rafting Guide
Anxhelo Ajdinaj
Leonidha Basko (Loni)
Rafting Guide
Lunender Cuedari
Rafting Guide
Flutura Xhafa
Qerim Greva
Deini Zylyftari
Guide Rafting
Nentor Oseku


Albania Rafting Group ( ARG ) is the first tourism and sport organization in Albania , founder of Albanian Rafting Federation , member with full rights in the International Rafting Federation.

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