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Albania Rafting Group is the first tourism and sport organization in Albania, founder of Albanian Rafting Federation and member with full rights in the International Rafting Federation.

Our passion for nature and sport has become the mission to promote Albania development through the rafting activity, using international standards in full compliance and respect for nature and environmental protection.

Read below some of the achievements of Albania Rafting Group in the last 15 years:

  • Selected as a Travelers´ Choice 2020 by Trip Advisor, being part of the top 10% Attractions Worldwide and #1 Tour in Berat
  • Participated in the national team "Albanian Eagle U23" in the World Rafting Championship Ivrea Italy in 2018
  • The Award of Albanian Tourism / Ecology in 2012 by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports
  • Ranked by National Geographic as supportive of the principles of geo - tourism through the international initiative "Western Balkans - Land of discovery"
  • Selected “Success Story" by USAID, for sustainable product rafting in Albania

Lastly, Albania Rafting Group has contributed to the improvement of tourism infrastructure in Skrapar, particularly in the construction of the highway Corovoda - Hambull, with a length of 12.7 km, completed in 2014 and funded by the Albanian Development Fund for 4 million euros.

Through its activities and Albania tours, our group has helped to develop sustainable outdoor tourism, generating revenue for local tourism and communities, maintaining the authentic values, attracting an increasing number of tourists in remote areas and extending their stay in Albania.

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