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Welcome to our website. This website is intended to assist you during your search for the travel you are planning; give you complete information on the variety of services we offer and to enable you to make reservations for the destinations you want. The use of our services, both on our website and at any of our offices, is subject to the terms, rights and obligations below.


Albania Rafting Group Tour Operator (hereinafter "agency") is a tourist operator that offers vacation throughout the year. The company supports its work in a highly professional staff and with considerable experience in the field of tourism.



VKM nr. 65, dated 21.1.2009, "On package travel contracts".

Law no. 9902, dated 17.4.2008, "On Consumer Protection" as amended.

Law No. 9734, dated 14.5.2007, "On Tourism".

Law no. 7850, dated 29.07.1994 "Civil Code of the Republic of Albania" as amended


This contract regulates the contractual relationship for travel packages between the organizer and / or the seller and the customer.

The provisions of this contract on the organizer apply equally to the seller, as the seller is jointly and severally liable with the organizer for the obligations deriving from the contract.


"Contract" means the agreement between the customer and the organizer and / or retailer in which the consumer is obliged to pay a certain inclusive price against the travel package provided by the organizing party.

"Travel Package" means the service that provides the customer with a pre-designed combination of one or more activities.

"Agency": Registered legal person who carries out the activity of providing tourist packages for sports or cultural activities for clients, in exchange for payment.

"Reservation" means the storage or ordering of a tourist product such as travel, accommodation or tour package by the agency, upon customer's request.

"Confirmation" means a) verification of the availability of a reservation, or b) the final settlement by which the client pays the obligations to the agency and the agency permanently stores the reservation of the client.

"Hotel" means a building or group of connected buildings independent of any other construction site, with not less than 6 (six) rooms, within a single piece of land in which accommodation, additional services and amenities are provided to the public by a qualified staff.

"Refund" means the amount of money the agency is required to pay back to the customer in case of non-performance of the agreement for its fault or in the cases provided for in this document.


4.1 Obligations of the agency

4.1.1 The agency staff is obliged to explain all the offers for which the client expresses interest. The agency staff is obliged to respond, within official hours and in the manner agreed upon, to any questions or uncertainties of the client.

4.1.2 The staff of the agency shall be obliged to provide the consumer, in writing or in any other appropriate form, before the conclusion of the contract, general information on the requirements and information on health formalities, travel and stay.

- Travel insurance: Health insurance is not included in the package price, unless otherwise stated. In any case, the client will be advised of the necessity of the insurance covering the costs of assistance including repatriation, accident or illness.

4.1.3 The agency staff is obliged to explain the procedure to be performed in order to enable the activity according to the client's requirements as well as the necessary documents that the client has to submit to the agency.

4.1.4 The agency's staff is obliged to better respond to the customer's needs with regard to hotel reservation, transportation etc. If the customer has chosen to accept one of the packages prepared by the agency, then the agency staff will only be responsible for the services contained in the package.

4.1.5 The Agency declares that it is responsible for any bids advertised on the websites www.albrafting.org, the brochures and catalogs produced by it, as well as any offers advertised by the agency staff.

4.1.6 The Agency is not responsible for the damage or loss of luggage or personal belongings when traveling to the hotel or in an environment not related to the agency.


4.2 Cancellations

4.2.1 The Agency shall not be liable in the event of a travel cancellation due to force majeure, natural causes, popular protests or war status announcements at the destination selected by the client as well as any incident occurring due to such reasons. The solution will be found by agreement between the agency and the client.

4.2.2 If the minimum number of participants foreseen for organizing the package is not met, then the agency has the right to cancel the trip. The minimum number of forecasts varies according to the package and the period of the year when a package is promoted, but will always be made known when the tour package is published. The customer will be notified of this cancellation 15 days prior to departure.

4.2.3 If the agency annuls the package before the agreed delivery date, the customer is entitled to choose one of the following options:

- Provision of a substitute, equivalent or higher package when the organizer or seller is able to offer

- Offering a replacement tour package at a lower price. In such case, the organizer or the seller must compensate the customer for the difference between the canceled and the offered package;

- Return of all the amount paid by the customer, according to the travel package contract, within 7 days from the date of giving notice of waiver.

4.2.4 Otherwise, the consumer is entitled to seek compensation from the organizer for all damages, material and immaterial, except for the provisions set forth in clauses 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 of this contract.

4.2.5 The customer has the right to waive the contract without penalty up to 25 days prior to departure.

4.2.6 In case the customer waives the contract overcoming the above deadline then he is obliged to compensate the agency for the expenses incurred for his booking. The amount will be determined in accordance with the cancellation deadlines set out in this contract.


4.3 Cancellation Procedures

4.3.1 Cancellation shall be deemed to have been effected at the moment the client submits to one of the agency's offices and completes the relevant form to withdraw from the relationship established with the agency. The client must be presented personally or represented by a member of the group (when the trip is reserved in the group). In this case, the client must call the agency, while the representative is in the agency's office, to confirm the cancellation.

4.3.2 Cancellation will be deemed to have been made at the time the customer has received a confirmation via the official e-mail of the agency.

4.4 Obligations of the agency upon departure

The Agency is obliged to correctly and comprehensively fulfill all the services specified in the contract, despite the fact that subcontractors or different suppliers are charged with the respective obligations.

4.5 Rights of the Agency

4.5.1 The Agency has the right to request any necessary documents that enable the booking of the tourist package.

4.5.2 The Agency shall be entitled, at the time and in the manner determined by agreement, to receive any payment that the Client owes.

4.5.3 The Agency has the right to cancel the travel reservation if the client fails to make payments under the agreement.

4.5.4 In case of cancellation of travel, the agency has the right to keep from the amount paid by the client, any commission or expense it has to make in order to enable the provision of the tourist package.


5.1 Customer rights

5.1.1 The client has the right to benefit from the offer according to the information provided by the agency staff.

5.1.2 The client has the right to request detailed information on tourist packages during agency hours of work, in the ways of contact specified by the agency.

5.1.3 The Client is entitled to claim reimbursement in case of cancellation of the tourist package for the fault of the agency in the event of a hotel change or the fault of the agency, in case of non-fulfillment of the package offered by the agency.


5.2 Customer Obligations

5.2.1 The client is obliged to pay the payments according to the agreement agreed with the agency.

5.2.2 The client is obliged to appear at the place of departure on the date and time appointed by the agency.

5.2.3 The client is obliged to provide the number of participants on the trip, whether he is responsible for them or whether it is a group trip.

5.2.4 The customer is obliged to behave correctly and according to the laws and ethical norms of the place where the activity is organized, according to the organizer's instructions. The customer is obliged to compensate the organizer for any damage resulting from disrespect of this obligation.

5.2.5 The client is obliged to determine whether to take pets with himself.

5.2.6 The client is obliged to determine whether he or she will be in charge of the juvenile. For juveniles traveling without the presence of both parents, parenting is required.

5.2.7 The Client is obliged to notify any non-fulfillment of the tourist package contract, which he distinguishes in the country, the service provider concerned and the agency, in writing or in any other appropriate form, with the most opportunity.

5.2.8 If the customer waives the contract for exceeding the above deadline then he is obliged to compensate the agency for the expenses incurred under the terms set for the cancellation deadlines.


6.1 The deadline for making a reservation is at least 7 (seven) days before the date set for the performance of a trip. The Agency is not responsible if no vacancies exist even within this deadline.

6.2 If the reservation made by the customer is canceled by himself 10 (ten) days or more days before the trip, the customer is returned the full amount paid on behalf of the agency. If an expense has been incurred before the cancellation, this expense will be deducted from the amount that the client will receive. Expenditures also include the banking commission in the case of payment by credit or debit card.

6.3 If the reservation made by the customer is canceled by himself 5 (Five) to 10 (ten) days prior to the trip, the customer has the right to be reimbursed up to 50% of the amount paid for the reservation. The client will pay the transfer costs and administrative costs that may have been incurred for service to him. Expenditures also include the banking commission in the case of payment by credit or debit card.

6.4 If the reservation made by the client is canceled by himself in less than 2 (two) days before the trip, the client is not entitled to be reimbursed by the agency.

6.4 If the client does not appear or leaves the travel before the date provided by the agency, the client is not entitled to be reimbursed by the agency.


7.1 Pricing: The price presented on the website www.albrafting.org or the price received from the staff at each agency's office is the final price of the package or tourist offer.

7.2 The Agency is obliged to notify as soon as possible the customer if, prior to the start of the journey, is obliged to make significant changes to any of the essential conditions of the travel package contract or to increase the price to a greater extent higher than 5% of the final price agreed between the parties to enable it to make the appropriate decisions and in particular:

- Acceptance of an addendum to the contract, specifying the changes made and their impact on the price.

- Withdrawal from the contract, without penalties, by notifying the agency within three days of receiving notification but no later than the day of departure.

7.3 The Agency is not responsible for changes in the final price if this change is made by the hotel, the addition of the taxes paid to the destination, other obligations imposed by Albanian or foreign state institutions. In any case, the agency will notify the client as soon as it has been notified by its suppliers or other institutions.

7.4 The Agency is not responsible for price changes at certain times of the year considered as the destination tourist point chosen by the customer. Payments for children vary according to the offer. The Agency is not responsible for these payments and for any changes that may be made to the price.

7.5 Payment is made in total, at the time of booking. However, in agreement with the agency, payment may be made into two parts when, 50% of the final price is paid at the time of booking and 50% is paid 2 days before the trip. In case of non-payment, the agency is not obliged to keep the resume performed by the client. The Agency may change the deadline of 2 days in special periods during the year considered as a tourist peak.

8.6 Payment Method

8.6.1 Cash in the agency's offices.

8.6.2 By Visa or Mastercard or PayPal credit card.

8.6.3 By bank transfer to the agency account. In this case, the client is obliged to send by fax or e-mail a copy of the bank payment bill.

8.6.4 Banking Commission: In the case of credit card payments, the commission is paid by the agency. Otherwise, if the payment is done by card in the office, the commission is paid by the customer depending on the bank. In case of cash payment, there is no commission to pay by the parties.


9.1 The customer has the right to complain to the organizer for any non-performance of the contract within 10 days of the end of the trip. (Including here the client's obligation to immediately notify the contract).

9.2 The organizer is obliged to review the complaint and respond within 20 days from the receipt of the complaint.


In case of dispute with the client, the agency will make every effort to reach an agreement with the customer quickly.


"Albrafting.org – Albania Rafting Group" declares that the online page www.albraftong.org are her property. The Agency is responsible for any material reflected on the site.


Approval of the above agreement is made by partners of the company "AlbRafting.org – Albania Rafting Group".

Any changes to the above agreement are made by members of the Albanian Adventure Resort.


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