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Our Mission

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From the very beginning, the Albania Rafting Group´s mission was to promote the development of Albania through the rafting activity, using international standards in full compliance and respect for nature and environmental protection.

As a result, our actions aim to develop sustainable outdoor tourism in Albania, generating revenue for local tourism and communities, and maintaining the authentic values of our country.

After 15 years of activities and some important achievements in this period, our mission today is to continue to promote tourism in Albania, to bring its benefits to the entire local community and to improve the rural economy.

As the most experienced adventure tourism company in Albania, what guides us every day to follow our mission and legacy is our passion for nature, sport and our country.   

We take care of people

As part of our mission and legacy, we are proud to have built the Albanian Rafting Federation, which regulates rafting in Albania, promotes high standards in activity tourism and works with other stakeholders to position Albania as one of the best adventure tourist destinations in Europe.

In addition, we built the Albania Adventure Resort, as the jewel in the crown of Albania’s visitor economy, ranked as the Top Adventure Center in the Balkans for rafting and training, and renowned for being a world-class model of sustainability and luxury.

The project is being developed in partnership with the Ministry of Sport and Education, to build an ecological adventure park in the Skrapar region, in southern Albania, and to generate more jobs and opportunities to youth in the region.

Albania among the Top 5 Adventure Tourism Destinations in Europe

An important part of our mission is to bring more attention and adventure to tourism in Albania.

Our mountains offer an opportunity for tourists to see the religious history and heritage of the entire region, providing the possibility to explore the pristine wilderness in unspoiled lands.

This way, we are immensely proud to have an impact by placing Albania among the Top 5 Adventure Destinations in Europe, and we will continue to work hard to improve our country’s tourism, economy and culture through adventure sports.



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