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Why Should you Book your Albania Tour with Albania Rafting Group?

Albania Rafting Group represents a unique, adventurous, and ecologically responsible tourism, combined with a complete and authentic experience not found in other companies.

Here are some reasons why our customers praise our offers and come back year after year:

  • Instead of a basic tour, we offer you a full Albanian experience, where you will stay in the best hotels in Albania, taste our delicious organic food, visit local communities, and enjoy fantastic adventure activities.
  • All of our tour packages feature artisanal cuisine made from locally grown ingredients from small villages of Albania.
  • Our internationally renowned and award-winning guide team has an intricate knowledge of the flora, fauna, geography, and history of each region where we take our guests.
  • We really take care about the safety and health of our guests. This way, all of our tours are guided by certified instructors. They will guide you during the tour, ensuring that the trip is safe and fun at the same time.
  • Sustainable tourism has been in our blood since the very beginning. That is why Albania Rafting Group is ranked by National Geographic as an advocate of the principles of geo-tourism through the international initiative "Western Balkans - Land of discovery".
  • We really care about our social impact in the region. For the past 15 years, we have contributed to generating revenue for local tourism, maintaining the authentic values of our country and bringing benefits to the entire local community.
  • Although Albania has many popular tourist destinations, we take extra care and effort to show you some of the hidden treasures that this super natural nation has to offer.

Together with our veteran travel leader Zamo Spathara, the combination is unmatched by any other tour company.


What Makes Albania Rafting Group the Best Travel Company in Albania?

Albania Rafting Group draws on Albania’s exclusive offerings, including its culture, history, natural environment, and friendly people to create the ultimate experience for the adventure traveller.

We were the first to actively pursue the development of adventure tourism in Albania, including the Osumi Canyons, Vjosa River, Prespa, Ulza, Shkopet and Butrinti Lakes and the Albanian Riviera.

Our adventure tours explore these regions in a diverse and authentic way with specialized local guides born and raised in the area. What we like the most is to share with you the secret areas and hidden treasures of Albania on our adventure trips.

We at Albania Rafting Group work to ensure that all of our packages are full of experiences. We feel that the engagement of our guests is essential, therefore, every aspect of your experience enlivens your senses and brings satisfaction.


The Albania Rafting is the best choice if you are looking for Albania Tours, Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, River Hiking, Off Road Tours, SUP, Snowshoeing, Snorkeling and many other adventure activities in Albania.

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