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Why Should you Book your Albanian Adventure with Albania Rafting Group?

Albania Rafting Group offers unique, wondrous and ecologically responsible tourism with a flair not found in other companies.

Here are a few reasons our customers rave about our offerings and come back year after year:

All of our tour packages feature artisanal cuisine made from locally grown ingredients

Every hotel and guest house has been meticulously researched for the highest quality of service, expertise in the region and for hosts that care about your comfort and experience.

While Albania has many popular tourist destinations, we take extra care and effort to show you some of the hidden treasures this super natural nation has to offer, for example we will take guests to Permet where activities like lounging in natural thermal mineral baths of Langarica and regional gliko tastings (Albanian jams from local herbs and fruits)

Our internationally renowned and award winning guide team has intricate knowledge of the flora, fauna, geography and history of every region where we take our guests. Together with our veteran trip leader Zamo Spathara, the combination is unmatched by any other tour company. We at Albania Rafting Group work to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation or in the structure of our tour packages. We feel that engagement of our guests is key, so every aspect of your experience enlivens your senses and brings satisfaction.

While Albania Rafting Group structures tour packages to be full of experiences, we also insert "free" days where cultural pearls such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site medieval cities of Berat ,Gjirokatra,Butrint can be enjoyed. This famous cities offers ample opportunities for museum hopping, strolling along the ancient bazaars as well as nearby wineries for tastings and special regional cuisine.


Why should the Adventure Traveller Experience Albania?

WILDE, UNIQUE, AUTHENTIC are the best words to describe Albania. Due to her history, she is home to the last wild lands in all of Europe. Her mountains, rivers, lakes and seashores have some of the most pristine undiscovered and magnificent environments on earth. From the northern most regions to the southern tip, Albania is the perfect blend of natural environment, history, culture and hospitality. One of the common descriptions of Albania is that it is a small country with a big heart, and that heart is the warm people renowned for their generous hospitality. When all of these factors come together, the ultimate full spectrum adventure travel awaits.


What Makes Albania Rafting Group the Best Travel Company in Albania?

Albania Rafting Group builds on the unique offerings of Albania, her culture, history, natural environment and her hospitable people to craft the ultimate experience for the adventure traveller. We were the first to actively pursue the development of adventure tourism in the Osumi Canyons, Vjosa River, Prespa, Ulza and Shkopet lakes, Butrinti Lake and the Albanian Riviera. Our adventures explore these regions in a diverse and authentic way with expert local guides born and bred in the area. No other trip through any other operator in Albania would have you hike, bike and paddle as you circumnavigate the Karavasta Lagoon, or paddle to quiet villages in the Permet District, or escape the crowds in a few secret areas of the Tomor Lake in Berat.

We have spared no detail to take every hassle out of your Adventure Travel experience with Albania rafting Group.

With so much to see and take in, we've made sure to take care of the logistical details, leaving you to hike, paddle, bike and take in the hundreds of years of history, culture and cuisine that makes the mountainous areas of Albania so unique and worth discovering.

We leave nothing to chance, there are no worries about lugging your bags and active gear on our travel experiences. From the moment you arrive, your baggage will be brought to your room at each destination. Through our years of award winning service, we have made sure that each one of our guests has the best and most hassle free experience possible.

Our guests experience great hikes, rides and paddling in small groups, meaning you will experience Albania and its neighboring countries in a genuine, relaxed and active manner. We do some activities as a group, but there are always opportunities to get out and explore on your own, just ask and we are happy to accommodate you.

Local knowledge makes a huge difference when considering booking an adventure trip. With our regional teams, contacts and connections Albania Rafting Group's guests explore many destinations that fly under the radar. Our experience and network allows our guests have such adventures as sitting atop a ridge in the remote Skrapar region near the Osumi Canyons, pulling into a small cove while sea kayaking on lake Butrint and rafting the magical Vjosa river. All of these adventures are combined with indulging in the diverse culinary of the regions. Our guests enjoy delicious wines, cheeses, olives, charcuterie and the freshest fruits and vegetables presented in the traditional Albanian way. Albania Rafting Group has crafted such experiences with on-the-ground knowledge and expertise, ensuring you'll go home having seen the real magic of every aspect of Albania.

Albania Rafting Group plans excursions with the community and the health of the earth in mind.

Albanians have always lived close to the land and their communities. Albania Rafting Group incorporated this tradition when designing our company as well as our excursions. Our business model was created to involve as many local guides and businesses as possible, and this is because we love sharing and we want to strengthen our communities. We love sharing the best experiences with our guests. This sharing results in different local actors benefitting from our business. This model helps us craft the most memorable trips and contributes to our local economic well being. Our dedication to sharing is a shining example of how to have a successful and sustainable economy in these changing times.

Albania offers a variety of outdoor and cultural experiences that are unique to every region, from north to south, east to west. In our activity packed trips, we involve as many as 7-9 local guides, diverse accommodation types and outdoor experience, each day exploring a different part of Albania's local gastronomy, cultural sights and living like a local. From remote mountains to the beautiful coast of the Ionian and Adriatic seas, or the urban lifestyle in major Albanian cities our chain of local businesses involves hundreds of people.

As leaders in the forefront of forging a New Albania, we are striving to create economies that help our people stay in our beautiful country. When you book with Albania Rafting Group you are contributing to a vibrant local economy that benefits everyone, from the farmers to the guides to the grandmas who are happy to share the gifts from their kitchens. All of this is done while leaving our beautiful environment healthy and whole. Albania Rafting Group is also striving to create cross cultural understanding and friendships. Many of the places you are visiting have never seen foreigners. After our trips, new relationships will be forged and the world becomes a smaller and more friendlier place since you will always have a "cousin" in Albania.

Choose from any of our tours or let us know if you have something special in mind, we are here, we have the resources and network, and we always want you to feel at home on your Adventure in Albania.


Albania Rafting Group ( ARG ) is the first tourism and sport organization in Albania , founder of Albanian Rafting Federation , member with full rights in the International Rafting Federation.

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