• Oct 21, 20
  • Albrafting

Day 8 of my incredible adventures in Albania began in the historical UNESCO Ottoman town of Berat. Come along with me as I enjoy a traditional Albanian breakfast in Berat before I check out Elbasan Castle on the way from Berat to Pogradec, Albania!

First, I met with Alma from Castle Park Hotel, who took me into the kitchen, where I watched the cooks fry up some petula. They also baked some bread and let me try my hand at churning butter. It’s harder than it looks! Then, I met up with my boy Erjan from Travel Media EU for a breakfast of eggs with herbs, hard-boiled eggs, fërgesë, petula, gliko, fresh cheese, olives, and the yogurt with water that they drain off the butter. The olives were amazing, and the fresh butter on the bread was fantastic. The butter melted right away and I loved the corn in the bread. I don’t love butter, but it was the best butter I’ve had in my life! The eggs were also fantastic with the red and green peppers. The fërgesë also contained scrambled eggs, cheese, and red and green peppers. The fresh goat cheese made it so good! Next was the soft and golden petula, which I tried with the quince and cherry marmalades. Then, I tried gliko, which is gummy, whole fruit that’s in a sugary syrup. It takes 16 days to prepare On the way to Elbasan, we passed through the town of Kuçovë, which is famous for its oil refineries. We also stopped to save a tortoise on the way. Once in town, we stopped by Elbasan Castle. It was built in the 15th century by the Ottomans. There were lots of towers and it reminded me of the city walls of the city of Lugo in Galicia, Spain. It dates back to Roman times, when the Romans built Via Egnatia, a 1,120 km road that ran from Rome to Istanbul. It’s a living castle, so people still live there. Because it’s not a UNESCO site, people can rebuilt their homes in modern styles. Most homes are new and modern, but there are some old stone homes, too. Inside, we visited King’s Mosque, which was built in 1492. There are faucets outside so the parisoners can wash their hands before entering. Across from it is Kisha Apostolike e re Elbasan, the Apostolic Church of Elbasan. We walked along Via Egnatia. There are parts of the road where you can still see the original stone. Next, we visited a gorgeous restaurant along the castle walls. They have a garden area and some beautiful terraces. Down the staircase exiting the restaurant and under the building are Roman ruins! There are walls from the old Roman city down there! Next, we headed on to Pogradec. The only way to get there is to pass through Berat. Pogradec sits on the shores of Lake Ohrid, which borders Albania and North Macedonia. It’s the deepest lake in the Balkans and the oldest lake in Europe. The route to Pogradec is gorgeous. There are lots of natural parks along the way. We climbed a hill, and over it, you can see Lake Ohrid. It’s so beautiful! We stopped to get some views of a village on the lake shores and continued on to the village of Lin on the western shore of Lake Ohrid. It’s a small, beautiful village that offers gorgeous views of the lake. There are lots of restaurants on piers on the crystal-clear water. Pogradec was another 15 minutes away. This part of Albania was stunning. The clear skies and blue waters were incredible! Pogradec is the only Albanian city on Lake Ohrid, and I couldn’t wait to spend the next 5-6 hours exploring it! Where have you been? Subscribe Here! http://bit.ly/DavidsbeenhereSub Top videos! http://bit.ly/DavidsbeenhereTopVideos Follow Me: + INSTAGRAM ► https://instagram.com/davidsbeenhere + FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/davidsbeenhere + TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/davidsbeenhere + MY BLOG! ► http://davidsbeenhere.com/ Contact Me: +BUSINESS EMAIL ► david@godandbeauty.com #Davidsbeenhere #Berat #Albania #DavidInAlbania About Me: My name is David Hoffmann. For the last 12 years, I have been traveling around the world in search of unique culture, food, and history! Since starting David’s Been Here in 2008, I have traveled to over 1,100 destinations in 77 countries, which I welcome you to check out on my YouTube channel, travel blog, and social media sites. I focus a great deal on food and historical sites, as you probably have seen! I love to experience the different flavors that each destination has to offer, from casual street food to gourmet restaurant dining. I’m also passionate about learning about the local history and culture. P.S. Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing!