• Jul 17, 22
  • Albrafting

A group of friends from England chose Albania and Albania Rafting Group team  for their vacation and kayaking in Cape Rodoni,hiking in Skenderbeg Castle and visiting the tunnels of communism time.The Rodon Castle is located on the Rodon cape.  Prince Karl Topia wanted to turn this place into a shipyard, while Skanderbeg, aiming to have a close outlet to the sea, built a castle here.  This castle began to be built after the first siege of Kruja in 1450. Its completion is thought to be around 1452. The wall of the Rodon castle reached a length of 400 meters and there were round towers on its tops.  In 1500 the castle was occupied by Venice.  As a result of the erosive activities of the sea waters, part of the walls have been submerged under the waters of the Adriatic Sea.  Today visitors can look at the outer walls on the right side, which end with a round tower.  Near the castle are also the ruins of Saint Peter's Church, which are considered by the inhabitants as a holy place.

For a delightful day trip from the hustle and bustle of Tirana, The Cape of Rodon on the Adriatic Coast of Albania is the escape you need!Kayaking on the shores of Cape Rodon is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences. In addition to the breathtaking natural beauty of the coast, the region offers the historic Castle of Skanderbeg built in 1463. The other treasure near the castle is an Albanian Cultural Monument of The Church of St. Anthony, a fine example of Byzantine architecture from the Illyrian cradle of Christianity in the Balkans. Kayaking in the clear water of Adriatik sea and fresh air will complete the experience In addition to hiking, kayaking and cultural tours, participants will be treated to a traditional Albanian sea food featuring regional specialties.