• Jun 29, 22
  • Albrafting

The most accurate synonym of "adventure", for many people would probably be ... Vjosa.


All those who have explored the "Blue Heart of Europe" that magically awaits the beauties on two shores, have recorded in their memory extraordinary impressions.


Recently, some German tourists have confessed on social networks that they have watched the happiest days of their lives by traveling, navigating and enjoying what Vjosa has to offer, simply: Magic ...


They have visited some of the most popular destinations on the southern tourist maps and are stationed in the village of Peshtan from where the river resembles a piece of blue sky stretching across the valley.


Five childhood friends from Germany who every year traveled to a different country of the world decided to organize their vacation this year in Albania.


They had heard a lot about Vjosa and wanted to kayak in its waters for about 3 days.


Albania Rafting Group with its guides organized this fantastic trip to Berat, Hotel Castle Park - Tërpan - Gllava - Përmet - Këlcyrë - Peshtan village, Villa Goliku - Tepelena - Osum Canyons, Guesthouse-Braçaj.


"This was one of the most beautiful journeys we have ever made and we have traveled all over the world.

We are 5 friends from Germany and this is the first time in Albania but not the last.

We should have started from Albania and then with other countries but now we are here and we are very happy.

The trip was extremely well organized, the food is very tasty and the people are fantastic

Thank you very much Albania Rafting Group ", they said.


This beautiful postcard should not be left waiting, so if you are still thinking about where to fix your next memories, hurry to the Vjosa where diving into the river is equal to a dream that would like to last indefinitely, endlessly