• Mar 07, 21
  • Albrafting

Happy International Women's Day! International Women's Day is very important. The theme that has been selected for this year is very beautiful "Choose to Challenge" #choosetochallenge
I'm Alma Spathara from Albania and I "Choose to Challenge"!

I choose to challenge, the wrong policy which has forgotten the women of remote areas in Albania!
I choose that, through my work in adventure tourism and agritourism for 20 years to develop deep and isolated places where there is no road, no school, no future!

I choose to promote these remote areas to bring as many tourists and income as possible and to improve the lives of women and youth in these villages by bringing hope and joy.

I am sure that with the development of adventure tourism their life and mentality will change.

Choose to Challenge Myself! I choose to become the first female Rafting and Canyoning guide in Albania.
In fact today I would like all of us to challenge ourselves as well. I know we all have talents,values, skills and we do not use them enough to help, motivate run, love women, girls and the people who give us surround.

We can do even more if we believe in ourselves, if we use the skills we have to help others.

Challenge yourself because change comes from challenge!

They said, "We were too fragile to run marathons."
And now women are breaking world records.

They said, we could not have businesses,we could not run them.
Now women in Albania are successful entrepreneurs while raising kind, educated, loving and strong children in their homes.

We lead families, businesses,countries.
Let us celebrate the achievements of women, our achievements!

Our voice that was once felt, frightened and insecure is now a force monument that says STOP.
Stop gender inequality!
Stop gender bias!
Make International Women's Day your day and do what you can to make a really positive difference for women. Together we can make the world more beautiful!
 Choose to Challenge ,because from the challenge comes the change.






Zgjith të sfidosh sepse nga sfida vjen ndryshimi.

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