• Jan 26, 21
  • Albrafting

Did you know that we have our crazy Valentine for You?
Wild adventure, ancient city, cozy hotel, romantic restaurant, amazing wine and food, party to dance as long as your feet don't keep you up!
Surprise your girlfriend with a memorable kiss down the waterfall of eternal love, floating in the exotic 3 million year old canyons of 8 waterfalls!
Because love is like a river, it is never the same, it is unpredictable and full of surprises 

Celebrate Valentine's Day in the white city of Berat, where the giant white Mount Tomor gives you blessings and energy. Castle Park Hotel is the perfect place to exchange love promises and spend a night full of sweetness and passion.

You can get this offer for 160 euro / pair

Day one, February 14th

* Arrival at Castle Park hotel, hotel accommodation.
* Hot fruit with wine to welcome.
• Visit to the old neighborhood of Mangalem and Gorrica
* Romantic dinner for lovers
* Festive evening with D.J under candlelight

Second day :February 15th 

* Delicious breakfast with bio and home-cooked breakfasts, grandmother's pecan pies, honey, goat butter, warm cucumber, local cheeses and many delicious dishes.
• Departure to Osumi Canyon
• Rafting in Osumi Canyons
• Photo to remember this beautiful moment
• Lunch at a restaurant in the Skrapar area
• Return to Berat
• Completion of the program

You must have worn:
-Bathroom clothes
-Old sneakers, closed sandals
-Sport costume

You should have:
-Warm clothes to change
-Sandals / Sneakers to change at the end of the trip

Albania Rafting Group provides the following facilities for every tourist:
Neoprene suit that keeps body temperature constant
Thermal sweatshirt
Safety vest
Albania Rafting Group owns specialized sailing vessels and professional guide


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