• Oct 24, 20
  • Albrafting

One of Europe’s last big wild rivers is looking like it will be saved from hydropower development. On 25 September 2020 Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that the Kalivaç dam project was rejected by the Minister for Environment and that the area will become a national park instead.

The establishment of the Vjosa National Park, also supported by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), could become Europe’s largest river protected site, covering several hundred kilometers of rivers and streams. “This would be a huge achievement for Europe’s nature and on the EU level, this might even serve as a role model for the Biodiversity Strategy within the framework of the Green Deal”, says Ulrich Eichelmann, coordinator of the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign at Riverwatch. Read the original article here:https://mava-foundation.org/news-stage-win-for-albanian-vjosa-river/?fbc...https://mava-foundation.org/news-stage-win-for-albanian-vjosa-river/?fbclid=IwAR1Cs3-cwwocidI7V_esqFl2BDNIE4Z4jSjkziSjAiTVQdcOUs97vtOI864