• Jul 11, 21
  • Albrafting

Rafting is a tourism sport which is very preferred by all tourists around the world. The prestigious newspaper "Corriere Della Sera" has suggested rafting in Vjosa for Italian tourists:


Rafting on the waters of the last wild river in Europe is possible. Where is? In Albania. The Vjosa, the river that runs inland south of the Land of Eagles to the Adriatic Sea, is the queen of outdoor activities in Albania.


During rafting you will encounter clean and unpolluted landscapes characterized by islands, canyons, narrow passages between rocks and stone arches.


The thermal baths of Benja, near the city of Përmet, should also be in the plan of the day, the natural springs where healing water flows, ideal to relax after so many adventures.


Albania Rafting Group is the first sports team that has developed rafting for the first time in Albania and in the Osum canyons in Skrapar and the Vjosa River in Përmet.


Here are the 15 rivers of Europe that "Corriere Della Sera" suggests:

List of 15 places you can go rafting in Europe

Soča Valley, Slovenia
Lumi Cetina, Croatia
Tara Canyon, Montenegro
Česki Krumlov, Czech Republic
Noce River, Trentino
Rio Paiva, Portugal
Meteora, Greece
Neretva River, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vjosa River, Albania
Gole del Verdon, France
Rhine Anterior, Switzerland
Lumi Belá, Slovakia
Lumi Inn, Austria
Saltarios, Spain
Marmore Falls, Umbria, Italy