• Jul 04, 22
  • Albrafting


Berat County and Castle Park Restaurant participated in the Food Festival organized by Slow Food Arberia in the village of Cerzeto, Calabria in Italy. Alma Spathara, president of Slow food Berat, presented and promoted the best products of the region of Berat and Skrapar. Alma Spathara said:

The Cerzeto Food Festival was a unique spiritual experience. which gave me beautiful emotions and taught me that traditions and language should be carefully preserved.

The stand of the Slow Food Community Berat was the most visited and all local residents enjoyed trying the products of the Berat and Skrapar area.


Through food, cross-border communication bridges are created between the residents of an area and international tourists, and through it, strong spiritual bonds are created.

The beauty of the festival was in the eyes of the children: the future generations are already in full harmony with the traditions and culture that must be passed on and protected


The rebirth of the villages, the challenge is to continue to make them alive and attractive without losing the lessons of the past while keeping up with the times.

A thank you to those who really contributed to the realization of the event and to those who, passing by, were able to enjoy another wonderful evening in the name of good traditional food, traditions and music.