• Dec 05, 22
  • Albrafting

"I couldn't end my visit to the Western Balkans better than here in Berat", the German president marvels at the cuisine and the city of one window.
The President of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier and the accompanying delegation had Berat as the main two-day stop in Albania, one of the most beautiful cities in Albania, protected by UNESCO, described as the city of one on one windows

"I couldn't imagine a better end to my trip to the Western Balkans than to visit the wonderful city of Berat. "Thank you for the wonderful food and your fantastic hospitality," wrote the German president in the impression book at Castle Park hotel,Berat.
And as it seems that the German head of state liked traditional Berat food, there was no shortage of local cuisine in Castle Park hotel in Berat , even with the assessment that Berat cooking and hospitality are precious treasures.
President Steinmeier tasted typical Berat dishes such as kulac, chicken with cucumber and walnut, local dairy, Berat olives, wild Budullak, meat and rice leek pie, roasted kid meat, kaposh with walnuts, Berat tabosh and other traditional dishes.
He started the lunch with "Shandevere" champagne and red wine with autochthonous Vlosh grapes from the "Çobo" winery, which he enjoyed throughout the lunch.

The visit, which started at 10.30 in the morning, had its own surprises, where the president, to follow tradition, had to take off his shoes as he entered the King's Mosque, in the city, one of the most beautiful mosques, declared a cultural monument in 1948 and which survived the Hoxha regime.
One of the most beautiful parts of the German president's visit and trip was the visit to Berat Castle, where the stunning view from its main tower, where the two main neighborhoods of Berat, the Mangalem neighborhood and the Goricë neighborhood are best seen, attracted the attention of the head of the German state.
He passed through the cobblestone alleys of the Castle, got acquainted with its history, and during the two-hour walking visit to the castle, he greeted the citizens who had come out curiously through the alleys. Amazed by the castle, its history, its great extent and as one of the only castles in Albania, inhabited with its own quarter, the German president and the delegation that accompanied him did not hide their interest in this miracle placed in their hearts of Albania.