• Jul 30, 20
  • Albrafting

Albania Rafting Group acquires Albanian Tourism Award 2012/Ecology for the successful achievements in the development of sustainable rafting tourism and the following realizations: • professional training of tourist guides rafting by international standards , providing the rafting patent tospecialized rafting guides operating in the Republic of Albania; • Establishment of the Albanian Rafting Center with camping equipment and rafting materials according to CE norms in respect of environmental protection; • Protection Skrapar canyons near the highest state institutions in the case of threat to destroy them through illegal actions and the development of environmental protection activities; • Lobbying for the establishment of road infrastructure Corovoda - Hambull, the realization of which is conducted under the auspices of Prime Minister Mr. Sali Berisha; • Presentation of Albania as a stable country between Europe in the streams of a new passion in World Rafting Championship, Czech Republic August 2012. • Promote continuous rafting itineraries, adventure in respect of nature, in national and international media.

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