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90 €
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Snowshoeing in Tomori Mount, Accommodation, Dinner at Castle Park Hotel & Restaurant

Culture and history
Local food and gastronomy
Off Road
Snow shoeing
The snow falling on Baba Tomor gives you the pleasure of enjoying this spiritual mountain in a completely different way!


Mount Tomor is one of the highest mountains in Albania and the highest in southern Albania, with 2,417 meters in Çuka Partizan, being one of the best Albania Tours! It is a unique and enigmatic mountain for all Albanians, called the throne of the gods for its height, ferocity, beauty and riddle.

It is recognized as a "royal mountain, like a magnificent Socrates" (Eduard Lir), attracting and captivating you with his solitary appearance like a lying lion when you see it from the city of Berat.

The trip with snowshoeing will give you the opportunity to enjoy this spiritual mountain in a completely different way, spending unforgettable moments with your partner, friends, family and children, who go crazy playing snowballs.

You will experience spectacular scenery, magic, serenity, regeneration and blessing of gods, watching beautiful alpine pastures, medicinal and aromatic plants and flowers, steep rocky peaks and crystal-clear water springs.

Castle Park will make your stay a fantastic experience, as delicious food and good service are the passion of this hotel.

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What to Expect

First day

  • Arrival in Berat, accommodation at the Hotel Castle Park
  • Welcome drink
  • Special dinner with the best Berat dishes:

-Grandma's homemade bread Kulaç

-Autumn salad with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and spices

-Castle Park salad with spinach, pumpkin seeds, arugula and fruit

-Cheeses from Berat with wild fig jam

-Berati olives with leeks and rosemary

-Byrek of the house with wild cabbage and cheeses

-Stuffed zucchini with meat, rice and reach with spices

-Berati Beef in pieces 

-Lamb meat with traditional cooking and nuts(Përshesh)

-Katmar, traditional dessert of Berat

-Flavored Water


Second day

  • Grandma's breakfast with pancakes and pegmez 8 - 9am
  • SUV Trip to Bektashi Tekke (about 2 hours)
  • Preparing for Tomor Mount Snowshoeing.
  • The snowshoeing experience will last about 5 hours, reaching the Tomorri Peak and coming back to the Tekke.
  • If the time promises, we highly recommend the wine tasting tour in Nurellary winery


You will stay at Castle Park Hotel & Restaurant, in the heart of Berat, surrounded by nature and fresh air.


Our guests are our priority.
Our trips are scheduled and well organized, but we can adapt to your needs and schedules as giving you the best experience is crucial to us.
We also can be forced to make some changes to our trips depending on weather condition and availability. In case of special needs let us know and kindly complete the form below.

Not Included

Everything that it is not mentioned on the scheduled trip is not included, such as: coffee, other kind of drinks or other foods. Although you are going to feel like tipping the guides at the end of a beautiful trip, we don’t want you pulling out the wallet every minute.

Price: 90 € / person

Tour availability:
Snowshoeing in Baba Tomori + Accommodation + Breakfast + Dinner at Castle Park Hotel & Restaurant
E.g., 08/11/2022

Prices Include

  • 1 night of accommodation in a double room
  • Dinner on the 1st day and Breakfast in the 2nd day
  • Transportation with SUV
  • Professional and certified guide
  • Snowshoe
  • Trekking poles with snow baskets
  • First aid equipment


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