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Snowshoeing In the holy Mountain of Tomorr

Snow shoeing


Mount Tomorri lies to the east of the city of Berat and northeast of the town of Çorovoda and enjoys the status of a National Park.
Tomorri is the most unique and enigmatic mountain in Albania. It has been called the throne of the gods for its height, ferocity, beauty and riddle.
According to mythology, Pelasgian Dodona or "Bad Winter" Dodona reigned there. There are areas of everlasting snow as well as many water springs In winter, Tomor Mountain is a marvel for nature and snow lovers. Snowshoeing is a sport that gives you fantastic opportunities to experience spectacular scenery, magic, serenity, regeneration and blessing of gods from the shrine of gods.
Falling snow gives you the pleasure of enjoying this spiritual mountain in a completely different way, spending unforgettable moments with friends, family and children who go crazy with playing snowballs.

What to Expect

Day I
Discovering Berat
Meeting point – Hotel Castle Park, Berat. We can come and pick you up in any hotel or guest house in Tirana upon request. The city of Berat in south-central Albania, is renowned for its historic architecture and scenic beauty.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Berat was one of the most important Albanian cities during the Ottoman era, and a major craft center specializing in wood carving. Today, it is one of the best preserved Ottoman cities in the Balkans. Traditional dinner and accommodation in hotel Castle Park.

Day II
Snowshoeing in Tomorr mountain
Early breakfast and departure 5 a:m. SUV trip to Bektashi Tekke (about 2 hours) and preparation for the snowshoeing. The snowshoeing experience will last about 5 hours,reaching the Tomorri Peak and coming back to the Tekke.
After the snowshoeing we will enjoy a local lunch and departure for Berat. If the time promises we highly recommend the wine tasting tour in Nurellary winery.

In Albanian folklore, Mount Tomorr is anthropomorphized and associated with the legendary figure of Baba Tomor , envisioned as an old giant with a long flowing white beard and four female eagles hovering above him and perching on his snow-covered slopes. According to German folklorist Maximilian Lambertz , Baba Tomor is the remnant of an Illyrian deity. Nowadays is a pilgrimage destination for the Bektashi religion.


Kindly keep all your clothes and personal belongings in a backpack, which can be easily transported on SUV.


We’re really flexible and none of our itineraries are written in stone, so if you have a particular interest you’d like to include or you need to leave a trip earlier or join later (at a pro-rated fare), just let us know and we can almost always make it happen. Likewise, all adventure travel requires a certain amount of flexibility and we sometimes have to make minor changes to the activities because of weather and availability, but we have plenty of options up our sleeve.

Not Included

You’ll probably feel like tipping your guides at the end of a fabulous trip, though you won’t need to pull out your wallet every few minutes on your Active Albania adventure tour!

Price: 90 € / person

Tour availability:
Snowshoeing Tomor
E.g., 04/07/2020

Prices Include

  • Professional guide
  • Transportation with SUV
  • First aid equipment
  • Snowshoe
  • Trekking poles with snow baskets
  • Light head
  • Water bottle (1,5 l)
  • Local lunch


Albania Rafting Group ( ARG ) is the first tourism and sport organization in Albania , founder of Albanian Rafting Federation , member with full rights in the International Rafting Federation.

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