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50 €
/ per person  

Hiking, Kayaking & Snorkeling in Krorëz Bay-Day tour - Albania Tours

Culture and history
Local food and gastronomy
Stand up paddle
Hike natural beauty, virgin nature and sirens magic are possessing this place. Snorkelling on the crystal water while seeing under the sea and wondering what is happening down there will be a fantastic experience. Join us on our adventures. Make memories.



  • Hiking in unspoiled beaches
  • Sightseeing of the Ionian remote cost
  • Kayak in the Krorëz Bay
  • Stand up paddle in Krorëz Bay
  • Picnik lunch

Optional tour (3-4 hours)

  • Kayaking from Butrint to Ali Pasha Castle  (starting from 50 Eur/ person)

General Trip Information

Level of difficulty (1-5) 2

What to Expect

We will come and pick you up closed to your hotel in Saranda city. Saranda is a city on the Albanian Riviera, southern Albania. Sandwiched between the Ionian Sea and hills of olive groves, the town is edged by beaches and a promenade. Close-by, Butrint is an ancient city, protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The hikes are easy and fairly flat trails. It is included the snorkeling kit.
Please provide your weight and shoe size.

You should pack:
• Breathable light-weight waterproof gear (Goretex, Sympatex, etc)
• Wind-stopper jackets
• Small backpack with rain coverage
• Cap
• Sunblock
• Mosquito repellent
• Hiking poles
• Water bottle
• Sunglasses

Don’t forget your underwater camera.
Heading back to Saranda for the evening, you’ll stop off at the Porto Palermo castle if time allows it; a historic site with a story almost as romantic as the views you’ve seen throughout your hike today.

You should have worn:

  • Swimming suit
  • Very sport light wear (long trousers and t-shirt)
  • Boots for hiking
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • A smile

You should take with you:

  • Sunlight protection cream
  • A pair of underneath
  • An extra pair of long trouser, t-shirt


We’re really flexible and none of our itineraries are written in stone, so if you have a particular interest you’d like to include or you need to leave a trip earlier or join later (at a pro-rated fare), just let us know and we can almost always make it happen. Likewise, all adventure travel requires a certain amount of flexibility and we sometimes have to make minor changes to the activities because of weather and availability, but we have plenty of options up our sleeve.

Not Included

The trip fare doesn’t include coffee and any kind of drink except water. You’ll have extra activities (optional tour) if you choose them, and you’ll probably feel like tipping your guides at the end of a fabulous trip, though you won’t need to pull out your wallet every few minutes on your Albania Rafting Group adventure tour!

  • Meeting point – Saranda Tourists Office
  • Travel with minivan to Lukove Beach.
  • Duration of the trip: About 5 hours

Only 20 km from Saranda you can reach by car or by boat the amazing beach bays of Lukova. This village is located in north of Saranda city. Beautiful landscapes of the sea, crystal clear waters, greenery and an oasis of serenity. From Lukove we will start the 1,5 hours hike to Krorez Bay.

Many have been impressed by his  natural beauty, virgin nature, peacefulness and a crystal clear sea water. We will have a short break to enjoy the packed lunch and the opportunity for snorkeling. Than we will hike  about 1,5 hours to Kakome beach and use the time for swimming and snorkeling. Kakome is one of the most beautiful stretches of unspoiled beach that can be found in the Mediterranean and certainly the pearl of the Albanian coast.

Departure to Saranda and end of the trip.

For the present activity you should love the outdoors, own good health condition and have consulted the doctor during the year. Kids over 14 years old are very welcomed.

Price: 50 € / person

Tour availability:
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
Hiking and Snorkeling in Krorez Bay Day tour
E.g., 04/18/2021

Prices Include

  • Professional guide
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Anti Mosquito spray
  • Waterproof bag
  • Light head               

! Kindly keep all your clothes and personal belongings in a backpack, which can be easily transported on minivan.
Cost: The present trip costs 50 Eur/person.


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