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Hiking the Albanian Accursed Mountains - Valbona to Theth Pass

Bird watching
Local food and gastronomy
The loop through the Albanian Alps is one of the most breathtaking experience in all of Europe. Exploring part of the ancient Dinaric Alpine range, the five day round trip includes hiking, water sports and a cultural experience from the recent past. The package includes kayaking on Europe’s second largest freshwater lake, a tour of one of Albania’s mysterious underground bunkers, and a spectacular ferry ride through the Albanian Fjords. Each destination is completed with traditional Albanian artisanal cuisine and local wines.



  • Hiking Albanian Alps
  • Kayaking in Shkodra Lake
  • Ferry ride
  • Bunker Visit

General Trip Information

  • Level of difficulty (1-5): 3
  • Experience required: Previous hiking experience required.
  • Best Period to Experience: March - November
  • Duration of the tour: 5 Days

Things You Should Bring on the Hike

  1. Backpack. 
  2. Appropriate footwear. Hiking shoes. Be aware of the temperature change;
  3. Sun cream, sunglasses and an hat;
  4. Camera;
  5. BONUS: Trash Bag. This 7th piece of gear is essential to making sure that the trails you love stay beautiful for generations to come. A zip lock bag is a great option as well for keeping the trash you pick up along the trail separate from the rest of your gear.


We’re really flexible and none of our itineraries are written in stone, so if you have a particular interest you’d like to include, just let us know and we can almost always make it happen. Likewise, all adventure travel requires a certain amount of flexibility and we sometimes have to make minor changes to the activities because of weather and availability.

Not Included

The lunch on day 5 it is not included and any extra drink except of water. You’ll probably feel like tipping your local guides at the end of a fabulous trip, though you won’t need to pull out your wallet every few minutes on your Albania Rafting Group adventure tour!

Meeting point – Tirana International Airport.

Day I

Arrival in Tirana airport. Meeting with the local guide. Departure to Shkodra after about 2 hours drive. Local fish lake lunch in Shiroke village and 2 hours of kayaking in Europe’s second largest body of freshwater; Shkodra lake.

Arrival in Shkodra and accommodation in the hotel. During the afternoon we will visit the Shkodra Promenade and enjoy a traditional dinner.

Day II

Early Breakfast (6:00-7:00). Leaving to Koman after about 2 hours drive. A spectacular ferry ride into the Albanian Fjords. Arrival at village Fjerze at 12:00. Drive to Valbona village and local lunch. Accommodation in guest houses or tents camping. Hiking in beautiful Valbona Valley to Xhema Lake, Old Milling. The day will finish with a traditional Albanian dinner.


Early Breakfast (5:30 – 6:30). Drive with a local minibus to Rragam village. There we get ready for the hike into the Albanian Alps. The pass is about 8 hours. The hike is long and sometimes tough, but anyone that’s reasonably fit can do it. 

Accommodation in guest house or a camping site in Theth. Local lunch. Walking to Grunas waterfall and visit of the Saint John’s Church and of the Isolation Tower.

Day IV

Breakfast (07.30-08.30) and departure with local minivan to Nderlyse. Visit of the stones basins and of the Blue Eye of Theth. Local picnic lunch. Back to Theth in the afternoon and departure to Tirana. Short stop in Qafe Thore. Dinner in Boge. Arrival in Tirana late in the evening and accommodation in the guest house.

Day V

Breakfast. Visit of Tirana city and the of the BUNK'ART 2. BUNK'ART 2 reconstructs the history of the Albanian Ministry of Internal Affairs from 1912 to 1991 and reveals the secrets of “Sigurimi”, the political police that was the harsh persecution weapon used by the regime of Enver Hoxha. BUNK'ART 2 is the first major video museum exhibition dedicated to the victims of communist terror. Optional free lunch. Departure to the airport.

Price: 770 € / person

Tour availability:
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  • Nov
Hiking the Albanian Accursed Mountains - Valbona to Theth Pass
E.g., 04/07/2020

Prices Include

  • Professional guide
  • Transportation with SUV, minivan
  • First aid equipment
  • Anti Mosquito spray
  • Light head
  • Water bottle (1,5 l)
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

! Kindly keep all your clothes and personal belongings in a backpack, when we leave Shkoadra, which can be easily transported on SUV, minivan and that you can easily bring during the long hikes.
Price: 770 Eur/person


Albania Rafting Group ( ARG ) is the first tourism and sport organization in Albania , founder of Albanian Rafting Federation , member with full rights in the International Rafting Federation.

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