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9-Days Full of Adventures in the Most Untouched Beaches in Albanian Coastline

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Culture and history
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Start in Tirana and end in Tirane! With the In-depth Cultural tour 9-Days Full of Adventures in the Most Untouched Beaches in Albanian Coastline, you have a 9 days tour package taking you through Tirana and 8 other destinations in Albania. 9-Days Full of Adventures in the Most Untouched Beaches in Albanian Coastline includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport.


Meeting point:

You will meet our guides on TIA (Tirana International Airport)

Length of the trip:

It will be 9 days full of adventure and memories.

Day 1: Tirana

Arrival into Tirana Fly to Tirana Airport in Albania and going directly to Vlora City. Accommodation in Vlora

Day 2: Vlore

After breakfast, we will explore the beautiful Karaburun peninsula by speedboat, including the Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park. This is the only reserve of its kind in the country and little is understood yet of the biodiversity of the park;  Visit the mysterious cave at Haxhi Aliu, used by traders and smugglers for millennia and now a national monument. Snorkel in a remote bay, sunbathe on an untouched beach and then eat a picnic lunch on the sand. After lunch we will start strigt to Himara. Accommodation in guesthouse of Himara. Dinner included

Day 3: Himara

After breakfast, we will explore along the southern coast of Albania, Himarë and Saranda, the small beach of Porto Palermo is certainly one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Only one hour from Saranda city the colore of the sea of this bay is simply unbelievable. Perfect for swimming, kayaking ,stand up paddle or snorkeling. So bright, crystal clear and blue that it really seems unreal. It contrasts strongly with the burned by the sun coastline, creating absolutely spectacular views. Preparing for paddling in Porto Palermo bay and kayaking for about 3 hours. Local fish lunch in a traditional restaurant. Visit Porto Palermo Castle, sometimes known as the Castle of Ali Pasha, was probably built by the Venetians when they used to rule the area. It connects to the mainland by a narrow strip of land and it used to serve as a Soviet submarine base.

The castle of Porto Palermo is fascinating and the history of the area could take up many days of reading.

After lunch we will go to Saranda. Dinner and accommodation in Saranda area.

Day 4: Saranda

After breakfast we will go to another cost line city Saranda. Only 13 km from Saranda you can reach by car or by boat the amazing beach bays of Kakome. The beach has a stretch of 1 kilometre of sand with a small port at the middle of it. The bay used to be home to an army base and access might be limited during some periods. It has a fine white sand and gravel; the variation of blue sea and the surrounding greenery make it a true paradise. Preparing for kayaking and stand up paddle in the crystal water of Ionian sea.Picnic lunch during your sportive activities. Accommodation and local dinner in Saranda

Day 5: Saranda

The hot sun welcome’s you into the crystal clear water of Bistrica river. You go back in time as the crawling tree’s, bushes,blue water and sun are all you see around. NO, you are not in the jungle, nor in the Amazon’s but in the river of Bistrica. Just five kilometers away from Saranda , there it is, your gate to an experience as quiet but still wild and challenging in the kayak. An half a day tour will disconnect you from the people, cars noises and the heat of the city, in exchange you’ll get pure adrenaline. The nature, the lush wilderness, the bushes that struggle with you and the freezing cold water are gonna challenge you to think a way out.

Lunch it will be in Gjirokastra city. After lunch we will visit Gjirokastra Castle. Gjirokastër Castle (Albanian: Kalaja e Gjirokastrës or Kalaja e Argjirosë) is a fortress in Gjirokastër, Albania (during Ottoman rule it was historically known as Ergiri while local Greeks referred to it as Argyrokastro, a name applied also to the castle). Gjirokastër Castle is situated at a height of 336 metres 

The castle dominates the town and overlooks the strategically important route along the river valley. It is open to visitors and contains a military museum featuring captured artillery and memorabilia of the Communist resistance against German occupation, as well as a captured United States Air Force plane to commemorate the Communist regime's struggle against the imperialist western powers.

After the visit we will go stright to Permeti city. Accommodation and diner there.

Day 6: Permet

After breakfast we start Rafting on Vjosa River, one of Europe’s last free-flowing rivers, is a class III rafting. Prepare for waves up to four feet and narrow passages that send the boat shimmying and water gushing over the sides. Vjosa river’s entire 270km course is wild and untamed and adorned with beautiful canyons, braided river sections, islands and oxbows.

After rafting we will have a local luch. Permet is a city known for many tourist attractions, and the thermal springs which are highly curative and recommended by doctors.

These thermal springs are situated in the banks of the Langarica Canyon, which attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world every year.

The Langarica canyon is located about 200 meters away from the thermal springs and features altitude varying from 30 meters up to 150 meters. Through the rocks of the impressive canyon crosses the Langarica river, known by locals as “the blessed river”. The Langarica canyon is surrounded by the forests and mountains of Dangelli and Shqeri and joins further the Vjosa River. The natural panorama along the Langarica canyon is stunning and untouched by the human hand. It changes through the seasons and gives a colorful and expressive scenery of the nature in this area. Inside the canyon there are many caves, a variety of trees and aromatic bushes, and thermal springs formed by sulfur waters which stream from the caves.

After visiting the thermal baths we will depart straight to Skrapari are. Accomoditation and dinner there. Camping site

Day 7: Skrapar

After breakfast we will go to do rafting or river hiking is depending by the season ( hight season for rafting March -June hight season for river hiking July - November)

For the present activity you should love the outdoors, own good health condition and have consulted the doctor during the year. Kids over 5 years old are very welcomed from May to June.

Previous experience or skill is not required.

If you've got a taste for adventure and you are curious about wild Albania, join us! We depart from the beautiful UNESCO heritage city of Berat and head out across the wilderness of the Osumi Canyons in Skrapar.

Rafting will provide magnificent scenery as you float by the Canyon walls and will certainly make for a memorable experience. Eight waterfalls, a cathedral, the unspoiled nature, and the soothing sounds of running water combine to create a truly unique trip.

Local lunch after rafting and departure to Berat. Accomoditation and dinner there.

Day 8: Berat

After breakfast, we will visit one of Albania’s most magnificent mountain ranges is the traditional way! Witness the blessings of natural harmony of the elements and the Holy Mountain of Tomorr on the back of a sturdy mountain mule, just like the mountain people of times past. During ancient, Roman and medieval times, Mount Tomorr was considered the Olympus of the Illyrians, the original people of the region. Tomorr was considered the fairy house of the region, and a divine oracle of the nation. Participants will experience a traditional Albanian village and be treated to seasonal regional cuisine.  Things You Should Bring on the Hike

  • Backpack.
  • Appropriate footwear. Hiking shoes;
  • Sun cream, sunglasses and a hat;
  • Camera;

BONUS: Trash Bag. This 7th piece of gear is essential to making sure that the trails you love stay beautiful for generations to come. A zip lock bag is a great option as well for keeping the trash you pick up along the trail separate from the rest of your gear.

Back to Berat. Overnight in Berat.

Day 9 Tirane

After breakfast we will depart to Tirana were it will be end of tour.


All the accomoditation is included and it will be in guest houses and hotels, all of the accomoditation is chosed in the placeses near with the center of the cityes.


! Kindly keep all your clothes and personal belongings in a backpack, which can be easily transported.

You should have worn:

  • Swimming suits
  • Very sport light wear (short trousers and t-shirt) depends on wheather
  • Sandals / sneakers for walking, strong and non-slippery
  • A smile
  • For other equipments we will take care

You should take with you:

  • Sunlight protection cream
  • Sunlight glasses
  • An extra pairs of long trouser, t-shirts
  • Backpack bags for daily adventures


Our guests are our priority.
Our trips are scheduled and well organized, but we can adapt to your needs and schedules as giving you the best experience is crucial to us. We also can be forced to make some changes to our trips depending on weather condition and availability. In case of special needs let us know and kindly complete the form below.

Not Included

Everything that it is not mention on the scheduled trip is not included, such is: coffee, other kind of drinks or other foods. Although you are going to feel like tipping the guides at the end of a beautiful trip, we don’t want you pulling out the wallet every minute.

Price: 1 300 € / person

Tour availability:
9-Days Full of Adventures in the Most Untouched Beaches in Albanian Coastline
E.g., 08/11/2022

Prices Include

Albania Rafting Group provides:

  • Professional guide
  • Kayaking equipment
  • Rafting equipment
  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Transport
  • Binoculars
  • Anti Mosquito spray
  • Waterproof bag
  • Light head
  • Local lunch


  • All the accomoditation is included and it will be in guest houses and hotels, all of the accomoditation is chosed in the placeses near with the center of the cityes.


  • All the guides are included, we have in our team guides with a long expirens and english speakers.


  • All the meals are included, We have chose restaurants with fresh food, handmaded and bio.We offer all kind  types of food. (vegan, vegetarin, meet, sea food)


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