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The 4 Valleys of the Accursed Mountains of Albania-8 Days

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Dear visitor, this is the first hiking trail to traverse the 4 valleys, in an area where ancient tracks connect remote regions of the Balkans. This circuit will take you through the mountains of northern Albania, and southern Montenegro. The ancient routes were cut during the cold war when tensions were high between Yugoslavia and Albania. The route offers a diversity of landscapes and cultural experiences where the level of difficulty ranges from easy to moderate, but requires good physical condition.


It is a linear and tourist tour which does not turn twice in the same way leaving behind only WOW from the stunning views.

Day 1. Today we drive to Shkoder, one of the biggest Albanians towns and in antiquity has been the capital of Illiria. We arrive on the evening in Shkoder and we will have opportunity to visit Shkodra castle with its stunning views over the rivers Drin and Buna and Shkodra city and lake the biggest in Balkan Peninsula.  After arrival at the hotel we will have time for diner and prepare for the beautiful next day.


  • Driving 11/2 hrs
  • Overnight in Shkoder

Day 2. Today we w ill drive towards the Albanian Alps to be at one of the most beautiful and undiscovered valleys in Albania and as well in the most northern area of the country in Vermosh. During our drive we will see “Leqet e Hotit” a beautiful twisted road compared with Stelvio pass on the Italian Alps. This beautiful road will lead us to Tamara village for a coffee break and refreshment to continue toward Lepushe. As we reach the Bordolec pass we get ready for our today’s walk to Vermosh.  The walk will be partly on the forest and partly through pastures of Grebeni mnt. until we reach Vermosh centre. A buss transfer will bring us to Lepushe.


  • Walking: 5 hrs
  • Driving: 21/2 hrs
  • Overnight in Lepushe valley

Day 3. Today we will cross Albanian mountains to be in Montenegro.  The walk will be towards Vajusha peak and beautiful pastures of the Alps.  On the way we will see several shepherd hoods, horses, cattle and sheep.  From here we will admire the gorgeous massive of the Accursed Mountains who will astonish us with its wilderness beauty and then will continue descent towards Grebaje valley from where a car transfer will bring us to our hotel in Gusinje.


  • Walking: 61/2 hrs
  • Driving: 30min
  • Overnight in Gusinje valley

Day 4. After an abundant breakfast we’ll start our journey towards Albania again through the heart of the Accursed Mountains under the massive of Jezerca (2694m), highest peak of the Albanian Alps to continue through other pristine valleys of Albania in Theth valley.  During our walk we will have the accompany of horses who will carry our luggage between valleys. As we arrive in Okol (Theth) a car transfer well send us to the hotel.


  • Walking 8+ hrs
  • Driving: 45min
  • Overnight in Theth valley

Day 5. Theth is one of the most isolated areas and pristine villages in Albania. During this day we visit the Church of Thethi the Vendetta Tower, Grunas Waterfall and Canyon and we walk toward Nderlysa village for a beautiful walk and we can swim in Blue Eye a beautiful natural pool with cold water. Today we have a late warm lunch beside the cold waters of Kaprrea River in Nderlysa. Afternoon a buss transfer will send us back to the hotel.