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The first ideas for the development of rafting in Albania born in 1985, when Zamo Spathara today President of Albanian Rafting Federation, went to Hambull, a village in Skrapar, at the edge of the Osum River. He started immediately and adventure with the wheels of trucks, exploring for the first time Osumi Canyons. Everything started from the dream of one man, followed by the tireless actions of hundreds of young people full of faith who made possible the presentation of AlbaniaNext, a place to explore, in the middle of Europe. "Today the man who once called him crazy are is making everyone crazy with rafting in Albania" – Zone e Lire , Television Klan, 2013. Zamo Spathara is awarded "Man of the Year 2013" by the Municipality of Berat with the motivation "For contribution to the development of rafting and tourism, the implementation of various activities with social impact on storage and transmission of cultural heritage, natural and human in Berat city." Zamo creates, communicates, and implements the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction. He leads, guides, direct,s and evaluates the work of other executive leaders including assistant vice presidents, directors, and managers. Zamo formulates and implements the strategic plan that guides the direction of the organization or their area of responsibility. He achieves the organization's overall strategic goals and profitability requirements as determined by the strategic plans. Evaluates the success of the organization.




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