• Sep 16, 20
  • Albrafting

Like a movie! Wind, twilight, escape.
Fear + merriment = adrenaline.
Above our heads hung swallows' nests, fixed where man dreams of living. Birds with open arms accompanied us to the height of the boat, so much so that it seemed that we were flying not sailing. We were accompanied by shepherding, sheep and dogs that barked enviously.
When the boat crashed into the waterfalls, all the survival muscles woke up, when we touched the water, we swore we would come back again: "Life is beautiful"
We entered between the branches, in the unknown Albanian jungle. One moment we turn our heads, our Guide was gone. Was he stuck in the trees? We continued alone. Suddenly he landed on the boat. He had followed us like Tarzan through the trees (this is my fantasy). A wonderful boy with the holy name Ali (true).
Going out to sea, a new world. I experienced multi-emotions, the tourist memory mixed with the national memory: the 90s, clandestines, Titanic movie clippings, survival in the water. That moment was priceless. When I touched the ground I loved so much my wet sandals, which at that moment looked and felt like Jesus' sandals. The generous witness Sun fled to sleep.
Human pollution also had left its traces.
Such a cruise is a work of art. In the end at least you become a Nature Protector.
For the first time in my life I slept wet by the river and sea. There is nothing like the deep sleep of a tired body and calm thankful soul.