• Nov 19, 20
  • Albrafting

World-famous actor DiCaprio has been one of the main activists against the construction of a hydropower plant on  Vjosa River.
He expressed his concern on instagram last year, emphasizing that the construction of the hydropower plant in Kalivaç has a negative impact on the river ecosystem.
But today he congratulates the decision of the Albanian government and Prime Minister Edi Rama on September 25th for the cancellation of the hydropower plant in Vjosa .

In the Vjosa River, the team of Albania Rafting Group has been performing tourist trips such as rafting, hydrospeed stand up paddle and kayak for over 10 years. Building a hydro pant it’s totally not worth it  for how much destruction it will cause.
All the boys and girls of Albania Rafting Group thank DiCaprio for the support and influence it had in the decision to cancel the Hydropower Plant and save the ecosystem of Europe's last wild river.


While we wait for the Federal Prime Minister and his government in Bosnia and Herzegovina to take legal steps to protect the country's Blue Heart rivers from further destruction by small hydro, there is very promising news coming from Albania. Vjosa, one of Europe’s last big wild rivers might be saved from hydropower development.

On September 25th, Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that the Kalivaç dam project was rejected and that the area will become a national park. The Vjosa Wild River National Park would become Europe’s largest river conservation site covering several hundred kilometers of rivers and streams and protecting hundreds or even thousands of species like the globally endangered European eel and the recently discovered Vjosa stonefly.

This would be a huge achievement for Albania and the rest of Europe, and the park could become a role model for the Biodiversity Strategy within the framework of the Green Deal. Looking forward to more good news about concrete actions for permanent and full river protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and the rest of the Balkan's Blue Heart region.

Photo: Oblak Aljaz

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