• Jun 28, 23
  • Albrafting

The Albania Rafting Federation is once again geared up to make its mark at the forefront of the 2023 World Rafting Championship. This competition not only showcases the sport's vigor but also highlights Albania's burgeoning reputation as an adventure haven.


Rafting has gained substantial traction among both locals and tourists, drawing them to the exhilarating currents of rivers like Osum, Vjosa, Skumbin, Drin, and Bistriza. Each year, thousands seek the adrenaline rush that these Albanian waters offer, fostering a dynamic landscape for adventure enthusiasts.


While many perceive rafting solely as a recreational pursuit, it holds a prominent place on the global competitive stage. Teams from diverse continents convene, fostering an ambiance that amalgamates spirited rivalry with jubilation. From June 27th to July 1st, elite guides and athletes worldwide will converge for the upcoming championships, united by their passion for rivers and a collective dedication to safeguarding the natural environment.


It's noteworthy to recognize the profound impact of rafting beyond its competitive realm. The efforts of both rafting enthusiasts and tourists descending the Vjosa River played a pivotal role in its recognition as a national park, garnering global attention and benefitting Albania significantly.


Five esteemed guides from the Albanian team—Ali Spathara, Iken Droboniku, Endri Hoxha, Bledar Kulaj, and Xhuliano Kaloti—under the leadership of Federation President Zamo Spathara and coach Andrea Gatti, will temporarily redirect their focus from guiding tourists to representing Albania at the 2023 Rafting World Championships in Sondrio, Italy, navigating the challenging waters of the Adda River.


This championship will witness the participation of 32 nations, featuring stalwarts like Italy, Chile, Brazil, and Turkey alongside emerging contenders like Morocco and aspirants such as Malta. For Albania, this marks its fourth appearance, with past commendable achievements. The team aspires to excel in the marathon, slalom, and RX events—a riveting direct elimination race where teams maneuver through a slalom course, employing strategic tactics to outmaneuver opponents. The Aquila team aims to maximize points while minimizing errors, recognizing the feat of competing against global giants. Despite a largely revamped team, extensive training post strenuous river days reflects their dedication.


Wishing our team the utmost success, we invite enthusiasts to track our progress on the international federation's website, for daily updates on results and rankings.


Albania's journey at the World Rafting Championship epitomizes not just competitive prowess but also a testament to the unyielding spirit and passion for preserving nature's wonders within this adrenaline-pumping sport.